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Tired of reading through the same tired clickbaity news all the time?

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Thinking About Things is a newsletter that circulates thought-provoking articles.

It consists of an email every other day with a link to something engaging from across the web.

Thinking About Things is perfect if don't have a lot of time to read. It's a single link, with an extended quote from the article, so that you can see if it interests you.

Our emails are tailored for people who are busy, but curious and interested in understanding the world in a deeper way.

A Thinking About Things link can be on any topic, from psychology to business to philosophy to film. What emails have in common is that they're written for the layman and give readers something to think about.

The news cycle wants you to feel angry, worried, and emotional.

Thinking About Things wants you to think "Hm, that's interesting - I never thought about it that way!"

A new way of seeing the world.

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