Thinking About Things

The newsletter for people who wonder

Have you ever felt the gratifying rush of identifying a pattern in something in your life?

Do you feel like you want to understand the world on a deeper level - to be aware of ideas beyond your industry and line of work?

Are you interested in learning to connect ideas from different sources to make better decisions and get rid of blind spots in your thinking process?

Thinking About Things is a newsletter that circulates thought-provoking articles. It consists of an email every day with a link to something interesting.

Thinking About Things is perfect if you're a curious person, but don't have a lot of time to read. It's a single link, and the email has an extended quote from the article so that you can see if it interests you. Our emails are tailored for people who have a busy day but are still curious and interested in understanding the world in a deeper way.

A Thinking About Things link can be on any topic, from psychology to software development to philosophy to film. What emails have in common is that they're written for the layman and give readers something to think about.

Our goal is to help readers know more and better understand the way the things work so that they can make better choices as a result. The ideal response to a Thinking About Things link is "Hm, that's interesting - I never thought about it that way!"